Charmed by Charlie

Like most people in their mid-20’s I am well underpaid, so when I passed by the Charming Charlie storefront with chandeliers and gorgeous purses I almost kept walking thinking the store was out of my price range. But it doesn’t cost anything to look, right? I dragged my barely-willing boyfriend into the shop with me and looked at their array of accessories. They carry bags of all sizes, jewelry, hair accessories, scarves, and much more, and to my surprise and utter delight, it was all within my price range! I took a sweep around the store looking to see if I could find the most expensive item. All I found was a large bag that cost $45 (CDN).

I found that their merchandise was all very expensive-looking (and feeling!) with a surprisingly low price tag, and they catered to several different styles. From cutesy to classy, you’ll be able to find something that suits you. I got myself this piece for just $10!


Something I love about the store is that they separate their merchandise based on colour scheme so you can hone in on what colours you like to accessorize with — so if you wear a lot of red as it is, you can look at golds or navys to compliment your wardrobe.

I particularly loved their bags as well. Though they were all different sizes, even the small ones seemed to be made with space efficiency in mind. Lots of pockets and zippers to stash your stuff. I fell madly in love with this small bag in vibrant turquoise.

charming-charlie-bag-front charming-charlie-back-bag charming-charlie-inside-bag

As you can see it’s quite compact but has lots of little pockets! The seam between the two main sections can also function as a pocket since it’s completely seamed in. It fits my Samsung Galaxy S4 perfectly (a Note may have some trouble fitting) but is a bit too small for a wallet. If I use this bag, my money and cards are going to be loose in the bag, unless I get a tiny card holder. The strap is detachable and it came with a clutch strap as well so I have the option to use it as a side bag or a wristlet. And the price tag? $25.

With my two purchases after taxes, I spent just under $40 and got a couple of really impressive pieces that looks like I spent much more money. I am so glad for this discovery! The life of my accessory shopping has gone from Claire’s, to its big sister Icing, and I’ll be dipping into Charming Charlie for a few more classic pieces that won’t break my underfunded bank account.

Unfortunately for many Canadians, getting to a Charming Charlie store will be a difficulty. The only stores open in Ontario are in Brampton and Vaughan, but online shopping is available everywhere!

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