Hot Topic and Her Universe Nails Their Avengers Collection

When I first heard about a Marvel clothing line coming out I didn’t get very excited. I know better than to set myself up for disappointment. But what I failed to realize until I looked closer at the announcement is that the collection combined some of the best people for the job: Ashley Eckstein, Hot Topic, and (of course) Marvel. I’ve been a fan of Her Universe (founded by Ashley) since it was a wee little brand. I trust the brand and I trust Ashley to be mindful of what female fans may be looking for in fan-fashion. (FANSHION!?) They have 6 designs up, including video modelling, and I kind of love them all.

heruniverse marvel hot topic collection


All the designs seem sorta pin-up but sorta modern. I love that you can wear them to any con and your character is recognizable, yet you can wear them out and about and you wouldn’t look out of place. That kind of versatility is important when they’re asking $45-$70 for a garment. It’s not an outrageous asking price, but when you part with that much money on one piece of fan-inspired clothing you’re going to want to wear it to more than a con or two per year.

I’m a little disappointed to see that the size range of these pieces aren’t as wide-ranging as other items in the Her Universe collection. Her Universe offers sizes from juniors to 5X for a single garment but this Marvel collection mostly ranges from XS to XL.

I really hope there will be more items to come in this collection that will feature more characters. This is a great start and I definitely see room for expansion! Now the only matter is to see how fast I can get that Loki dress on my body.


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