Let’s Not Get Too Personal

I learned as a young teenage blogger on LiveJournal that it’s best to keep some things offline and that is what I’m going to do today, but that will not stop me from being vague af.

Something happened and I don’t care to say what. I want to talk about the aftermath: When you’ve already been devastated and have to put on a smile for the world because personal problems shouldn’t be this debilitating; When you’ve already felt the pain but you need to re-feel it every time you fill someone in on your life; Waiting to be behind a closed door before you allow yourself to lose your shit.

The aftermath is one long aftershock of a shitty earthquake that fucked up your life. It’s an onslaught of repeated sentiments, sometimes with a slight undertone of “I’m glad that’s not my problem.” And from the people that matter, also an onslaught of eager emotional support. (For that, I am grateful.)

It’s just exhausting, feeling things.


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