Welcome to Night Vale: Live in Toronto

In light of all the truly shitty things that have been going on in my life I completely forgot I had a ticket to the live Night Vale show in Toronto.


I attended the event despite wanting nothing but solitude and a Kleenex box. I decidedly didn’t want to feel joy. I stress my dumpy mood because as soon as Meg Bashwiner began her introduction, I couldn’t help but smile. She’s consistently funny and charming and her A-line skirts are cute af.

eliza-rickmanEven someone unfamiliar with Night Vale would have been able to enjoy this show. All you need to know is that it’s a delightfully creepy community “radio” pod cast, with a musical guest in lieu of a weather report. Our musical guest was Eliza Rickman (left) who you may know as the singer of Pretty Little Head.

She did a short set at the beginning and a song for the weather segment. I honestly can’t believe she had a cold while performing on stage; her voice was so clear and pretty. And she plays obscure instruments. I have no idea what the pictured instrument is but she played that, a xylophone, and a ukulele.

The Danforth Music Hall was a really good choice of venue for this kind of event — not just because it’s gorgeous but the size also lent itself well to audience interaction. Meg, Cecil, and Eliza all talked to members of the audience and cracked jokes. It was a fun interactive show! And it was the best kind of interactive: the kind you didn’t have to participate in if you didn’t want to. (But it’s fun to play along.)

I’m really glad I went despite being in a shit mood. I wish I could have enjoyed it more fully without being distracted in the back of my mind. But they got me ugly laughing, so that’s saying something.


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