Irregular Choice Star Wars Shoe Collection

With my boring office job I can’t justify buying a lot of fun geeky pieces for my wardrobe, but I still love seeing what brands are releasing! Over the past couple days I’ve seen people talking around the interwebz about this Star Wars collection from Irregular Choice. In light of the new moving coming out, there are a lot of interesting (or irregular) designs for anyone that likes to make a bold statement and show off their geeky side. The shoes range from £110 – £275 GBP ($222 – $555 CAD). Personally I’d be a little wary of spending that much on a site that looks like it was designed by a tween, but a quick search for product reviews tells me that people tend to be happy with what they receive.

star wars irregular choice

The collection includes fourteen styles to choose from, ranging from absolutely outlandish to cute and subtle. If your checkbook won’t bounce, you’ll probably find something from this set that jives with you. Sadly by now all but three options are sold out. But if you’re like me and weren’t planning on buying a pair anyway you can really appreciate the patterns, textures, and designs on these shoes and silently wish for the day you can have them. Until that day comes, check out the designs below!

If anyone is considering what to get me for Christmas, a pair of “I Know” in a size 7 would be fab, thanks.


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