The End of Things

With the dawn of November 1st, all the ghosts recede back to their realms and leave us with the impression that all things must end: a life; a relationship; a grudge. October has been a particularly difficult month for me and I know a difficult month for others in my life. I knew it would be a busy month and taxing on my mental health but I didn’t expect some of these curve balls.

It was quite a month to decide to do Vlogtober. Once things started going downhill I decided my mental health was more important; plus I haven’t been in any condition to be on camera. If I were able to keep up it would have been a very interesting month of life updates. I’m even dreading calling my mom to tell her everything that’s been going on. I don’t know how I’d be getting through this without the company of two hyperactive kittens at home.

Eleanor/Ellie (left) and Pepper (right) have been house explorers lately

If there’s anything I can say after the last month is that all things end, except those that endure. And those that endure do so until they ultimately one day, don’t. Plot twist: death and darkness made Nikita a depressing nihilist.


(but I’m being very calm about it)


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