Skip Combat Option Would Quell My Gaming Anxiety

I saw an interesting post floating around my Tumblr dashboard about introducing skippable combat in video games. There were understandably a lot of opposing viewpoints. Most people just think it’s lazy or defeats the purpose of playing a game. I mean, if you’re not going to play the game you should just watch a lets play, no?

Not necessarily.

I would love skippable combat, and acting like combat is the only important part of the game is fallacious. (Quests? Puzzles? Decision-making? Hm?) I haven’t touched Bioshock in over a year because last time I picked it up I got ambushed in the game and suffered a panic attack. I tried to play through it but I ended up losing most of my dexterity and wasted bullets until I turned off my Playstation and curled up into a ball and cried because my disease won’t let me play games. I think a lot of people like me would appreciate an option to enjoy a game without triggering a debilitating episode.

Big Daddy fight? FUCK THAT.

Typically when I play games I want a cool story and interesting character design, impressive graphics and to have fun. If a percent of gamers would have fun skipping combat, where is the harm in providing a way? All that does is create a more hospitable and customizable gaming experience. Nobody’s forcing you to skip combat, or to even play on easy mode. If you want to beat Fallout 4 playing upside-down on hard mode then more power to you but a “skip combat” button will not impede your dream of overachieving in video games.

I used to be a huge gamer, playing for hours every day (even combat ones, but low-level gore like Street Fighter). Eventually games and consoles got hella expensive and I stopped playing. When I was ready to return to the gaming world, most of the games catered towards my age group were violent and scary and made me uncomfortable. It’s not that I don’t want to play them; games these days have the most intricate story lines and well-written characters. Of course I want to play them! I have all the Bioshocks, all the Borderlands, The Last of Us, and Fallout 3, none of which I have completed because I can’t muster the courage to get through the combative game play. I’ve gotten kids games with fantasy violence for some low-stress options but let me tell you, a LBP sack person is not a replacement for Tiny Tina.

A skip combat option would be a dream to get me through some of the more triggering episodes in a game (lulz punny). And it’s not just great for mentally ill people; any gamer with a physical disability who may not be able to push all the buttons for successful combat could skip and continue on with the game. It would make gaming much more accessible without hindering or affecting regular game play at all.


7 comments on “Skip Combat Option Would Quell My Gaming Anxiety

  1. This is an interesting article! Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I think there should be achievements if you choose to fight, but if you don’t, then that’s cool too.

    Bioshock is one of my all time favorite games! I can totally see though where it’s freaky. The first time I played it, I shut it off after an hour because I was too scared to play it. Eventually I went back to it and I fell in love with Rapture and the environment.

    I wouldn’t mind if there was skippable combat. Unfortunately, in Bioshock’s case, killing the Big Daddies are necessary to get Adam so it wouldn’t make sense to have skippable combat in that game.

    Plus I hear you.. I haven’t bought an Xbox One yet because my boyfriend has one and I’m not prepared to spend 300 bucks on a console just yet.


    • Nikita Shah says:

      Thank you! See, I don’t think I even made it far enough into Bioshock to understand the purpose of killing Big Daddies lol! But I feel like if this idea were to take off, the game developers would go above and beyond to integrate it into the game. Additional achievements for fighters for sure! In my kids games (especially Puppeteer) the big fight scenes are usually done by having the player press a certain button within a certain time frame, so it’s a LOT less stressful because you just need to focus on hitting the right button and if you get the sequence right you’ve beaten the battle. Thanks for your feedback 😀

      And yes, I only have a PS3 because I gifted it to my brother 2 years ago for Christmas. Then the PS4 came out and he upgraded so I got the PS3 back lmao! It’s been my first console since the N64!


  2. Haha awesome! I heard the Playstation has some really awesome games!


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