Favourite Seasonal Foods #5FF

Halfway through November, we’re beginning to feel the chill and some of the holiday spirit (without being too grouchy about it). It’s also the time to start bringing out the holiday foods! Even in our home, we pull out all the Christmas mugs.

I feel very fortunate to be someone who celebrates more than one holiday so I get some extra special noms in addition to your typical Western holiday goodies! Spoiler alert: they are all sweet.

Seasonal Lattes from Starbucks

JUST BECAUSE I’M NOT WHITE DOESN’T MEAN I CAN’T BE BASIC. Also they’re delicious. I mostly buy them for the whipped cream topping. When people suggest cutting out your extra coffee as a money-saving tactic, they’re talking about people like me who have a Starbucks shame secret. #GoldCard

Fun fact: every year when “red cups” start trending, I always think there’s a flip cup championship happening somewhere.


(If only.)



This isn’t actually a seasonal drink, but it sings “Trinidadian Christmas” in my heart. Peardrax is a delicious bubbly pear cider — non-alcoholic but tastes vaguely of champagne. While the drink is available year-round, my parents would buy a case only around Christmastime. It would be gone by New Years. The day I learned you can buy tiny bottles from Caribbean restaurants was the best day of my life. Once I found 6 tiny bottles stocked at a small grocery store in Kingston, ON, and I bought them all.

They never re-stocked.

Gulab Jamun

(Or as my Canadian friends call it — “Tim Bits in syrup.”)


This has been my favourite Indian dessert since I was a child. Yes, it’s little cake balls soaked in syrup. Try not to call them “Tim Bits” or doughnut holes though. It’s pronounced “goo-lob jaw-moon” and it takes a lot of effort to make which is why my mom will usually save it for Diwali.

Diwali is my other holiday for the season, celebrated with family time, food, lights, and fireworks. I don’t make Indian sweets a big part of my life but I’ll usually find myself in an Indian restaurant getting take out dessert to share for Diwali.

Pumpkin Pie

I’m not a huge pie person but I’m a huge pumpkin person! And I don’t mean I’m a person made of pumpkins. Though if I were this blog would be way more impressive! Pumpkin pie is my special treat to make up for the fact that it’s cold and miserable. People who don’t serve pumpkin pie at holiday gatherings: who hurt you?

 Ferrero Rocher

My mother works as a receptionist and lab tech for a medical clinic. She’s great at her job and her patients love her. For the holidays she’ll often receive a plethora of sweets, most commonly packs of Ferrero Rocher and Turtles. As a child, Turtles was my hands-down favourite Christmas treat but as an adult I just love the light crispy shell of a Ferrero Rocher and the creamy innards. I get about 3-4 boxes every Christmas because my mother can only eat so much chocolate. So thank you, kind patients, your gifts are not going to waste. They are going to mah belleh.

Honestly with such a sweet tooth and no will power there’s no wonder I plump up every winter.


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