Everyday Cosplay — Linkle (Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors)

Last week Nintendo announced that the new Hyrule Warriors game for the 3DS will include a playable female version of Link. I’m so happy this franchise is embracing the idea of playable females. For so long fans have complained that despite Zelda being named after a woman, we can only play as Link. Well, no more! Now we have Linkle and her costume design is friggin adorable.

This time around I tried to find pieces that are a bit more affordable (considering the item typically costs). I wanted to pick up on her earthy colours and layers, but toning down the bright saturated shades. In my everyday rendition, the skirt is a chocolate brown leather and the cloak is a beautiful dark green. The compass necklace from Nordstrom isn’t that large in real life, but wouldn’t that have been a cool accessory? Regardless, long-chained compass paired with the blue choker adds the layers that mimics Linkle’s jewelry choices. The blue pendant matches her weapons but Polyvore refuses to acknowledge crossbows as an accessory.

Everyday Linkle

White shirt
$34 CAD – amazon.co.uk

Topshop outerwear
$97 CAD – topshop.com

SPANX intimate
$24 CAD – 6pm.com

Brown skirt
30 CAD – newlook.com

Charlotte Russe flat boots
$68 CAD – charlotterusse.com

Pendants necklace
$27 CAD – ladyfanatics.com

Alex and Ani pendants necklace
$51 CAD – nordstrom.com

Brown glove
$60 CAD – amazon.com


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