NYE Feels and also Coleman Hell

Hello my darlings! I haven’t been around online very much, and I may not be as much in the future (since I’ll have no access at work – or maybe I’ll start mobile blogging who even knows). I’ve been taking steps towards getting my schedules back on track. I’ve made it part of my Goals of 2016 list to vlog once a week (bad mental health mode: once every 3 weeks), and to blog once a week (bad mental health mode: once a month). This year I’m doing a list of 100 instead of 50. I’ll share it here once I’m done but I’ve only come up with… ehh, on second thought I don’t want to admit how far behind I am.

If you’re not familiar with my list of goals, back in 2013 or so Kimberli (roommate/bff) and I stopped making any resolution-type resolutions and instead began making to-do lists of things we’d like to do in the upcoming year. You can click here to check out my 2015 list! It’s a mix of whimsical silly things and actual goals for self improvement. They don’t always get done, but those I either decide if I want to roll over to the next year of if I’d changed my mind about it (like getting a car). Thinking about my 2016 list has been an interesting exercise because I had previously envisioned my ex being with me but now I’m on my own and the only person who I need to take into account is myself. It’s freeing and kind of scary. (I did go through a week when I thought moving abroad was a good idea but I don’t have enough money to be this particular walking cliche.)

The end of 2015 threw a lot of curve balls at me and while I know many great things happened in 2015 my only feelings come Thursday at midnight was “good fucking riddance.” Bring on 2016, it’s ours to conquer. I have a new job in a really new industry for me (fitness), and I’m single as fuck now. I rang in the new year with Kim in downtown Brampton. Coleman Hell was playing and you may know that he is my new musical love. If you’re not familiar, this is the song that made him popular this year:

(He’s also 100% the reason I’m into beards now)

He gave an amazing performance! So full of energy, it was ridiculous. (I wish I could say the same for the crowd, though. Do better, Brampton!) It just so happens I ran into my new assistant manager in the crowd! And since it was just Kim and I, my manager and her friend, we stuck together for the rest of the night. We introduced them to T by Daniel, an absolutely amazing and adorable tea shop in Brampton that was just around the corner from the show. Daniel and his wife are super cute and their Chai Lion is to die for.

Sam Roberts was the headlining band and I didn’t know he also has a wonderful beard. I had a great time dancing around (TOTALLY SOLO, THANKS BRAMPTON) and after the countdown we warmed up in our new friend’s apartment. That sounds really dangerous and sketchy but I promise it wasn’t. She had a really nice place and we chatted a bit. Then my assistant manager drove me and Kim home! That was really nice of her, we were just gonna  take a bus since they were free all night.

By the time we got home and I was winding down I got a notification that Coleman totally saw my photo tweet and replied!

2016 is the year senpai noticed me.


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