The Mess That Was January

Hello, it’s been a while! I thought I should write something just to fill in some blanks because January was quite eventful. And by “eventful” I mean it was like that Olympic speed skating event where the guy fell right out of the gates.

I had started my new job at the gym in late December and it took most of the month for me to realize I hated the job. It was a sales job and it made me deeply unhappy. It filled me with stress without any sense of fulfillment to balance it out. I liked my co-workers a lot but it just wasn’t enough to keep me happy. My mental health ended up suffering until I had a panic attack Wednesday morning. My entire body was telling me it didn’t want to go back to that job.

I have a tab open of maybe 30 editorial jobs to apply for and if I’m honest with myself, none of them seem very exciting. I took the day to contemplate my life and happiness. If editorial wasn’t my jam, then what was? I drifted back to a conversation I had with my mom when she insisted I should go back to school. I told her if I were to go back for anything, it’d be animation. So… why not animation? I looked at some of those jobs and noticed two things. One, they pay really well. Like, really well. And, two, the job descriptions focus more on creativity and storytelling. That sounds so up my alley it may have impregnated me.

My heart made a decision without really consulting much of my head. It’s the same heart of the 13-year-old kid who wanted to draw cartoons, but Dad said she’s no good and should pick something else. It’s time for that kid’s dream to come true. I know what college I want to go to; it’s the best in the country and major animation studios (major, like PIXAR and DreamWorks) headhunt the graduating class. Today was the deadline to apply for 2016. I decided that this year is going to be about me delving back into art and developing my skills. I’ll begin compiling my portfolio this fall so apply in the winter.

For now I am job hunting for whatever will get me by and surrounding myself with art. Two of my closest friends graduated from OCAD and they’re really excited to art with me and share their knowledge and experience. As scary as it is to say “I quit my job and now I want to go to art school,” it also feels like a huge step in the right direction.


2 comments on “The Mess That Was January

  1. L.C. Chiasson says:

    YAY YAY YAY I really hope it works out. I had a job like that and didn’t realize until now that being fired from it was the best thing that happened to me then. Life gets better once you leave crap jobs.


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