Rapunzel vs Gothel

I told myself I’d stay away from this topic because it’s too sensitive and too personal. I thought my old LiveJournal entries were a mistake, but I’m realizing I needed the outlet. I’m back to living with a parent who used to emotionally abuse and manipulate me, and he still kind of does. He tells me what’s good for me without explaining why. He expects me to blindly obey. He makes decisions I should be making for myself. He coerced me into a joint bank account so he can keep an eye on my finances.

Before moving out, most of my friends referred to me as Rapunzel — not because of my hair but because I’m trapped in a metaphorical tower.

Making social plans was near impossible. It resulted in me being kind of a hermit, taking up hobbies like painting, baking, reading, knitting, scrapbooking, and vlogging. Not to mention it made me afraid of everything outside my house.

Upon moving back I decided I’m going to be upfront about my plans but he thinks it’s his place to tell me who to socialize with and what activities I can do. I turn 27 in two weeks and this is how I live. My therapist says I need to be the Queen of my own life, and I do intend to. This is going to be the most difficult thing I do. If I want to make a change in this relationship dynamic I need to put on my crown and be a big strong BAMF.


3 comments on “Rapunzel vs Gothel

  1. Good luck to you! You need to get out of there ASAP.


    • Nikita says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately this is going to have to be how and where I live for a while but I will take control of my life and put my foot down where I need to. It will be an adjustment but I have the internet and a therapist to help me out! Haha!

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