Everyday Cosplay — Nancy Wheeler

My obsession with Stranger Things is completely healthy, I assure you. Nancy quickly became my favourite female character on the show (sorry, Barb!). She’s a young woman who takes charge, whether it’s acing all her classes, hunting a monster, or owning her sexuality. I love how independent she is especially since she’s sweet as sugar.

One of my favourite Nancy outfits is from Chapter 5, when she goes searching for the creature with Jonathan. It’s layered up fall coziness: practical, warm, easy to move in, fully prepared to kick butt! Also cute as hell.

Nancy Wheeler (Chapter 5)

Abercrombie Fitch navy shirt
$23 CAD – abercrombie.com

Uniqlo cable knit sweater
$44 CAD – uniqlo.com

WearAll flight jacket
$75 CAD – wearall.com

Maison Scotch high waisted jeans
$78 CAD – brandoutlet.borderfree.com

Brown boots
$52 CAD – etsy.com

Accessorize fingerless glove
$13 CAD – accessorize.com

One comment on “Everyday Cosplay — Nancy Wheeler

  1. […] and Chunk. Aside from Eleven who is everyone’s favourite, I really love Nancy. (I did an Everyday Cosplay of her!) I have complicated feelings towards Steve. Basically he’s an asshole but not as big […]


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