Niagara Falls for Labour Day

This weekend is officially the last weekend of the summer! At least, student summer. I will continue to enjoy the gorgeous weather and go to work. But my mom thought it would be nice to get out of the house/city and do something a little different. Niagara Falls isn’t too far from Toronto; about an hour drive, but for us it was an hour and half with all the college kids moving in. (Haw haw, have fun paying thousands to be emotionally tortured making friends and shaping your bright future in our toppled economy!)

I’m not sure if going was the best idea because I was irrationally grumpy but I tried very hard to be pleasant. It was difficult because I wasn’t in the mood for crowds or bickering about which direction to go. A couple of things brightened my mood. One of which was this super rad car:

It's like a convertible Batmobile?

It’s like a convertible Batmobile?

And second of which was this souvenir sign:

I dont know if this is supposed to be a dirty joke but it is and I love it

A+ Outstanding

If you’re able to tune out the touristy jungle, Niagara Falls is actually a great place to lose yourself in thoughts. You stare at the water falling, unending, rushing, eroding, and not giving a fuck about how grand it is. It just is and it’s magnificent.


Also there is a perma-rainbow.


The American side

My mom lives for Niagara at night when they put coloured spot lights on the falls. (They do fireworks at 10pm but we were well on our way home by then.)

My phone’s camera is basically useless at night but here’s a valiant effort at a panoramic view with blue spotlights on the falls.

Niagara Falls isn’t anything new or special to us because we’ve been a few times and it’s a nearby tourist spot, but it’s nice to step back and appreciate that this is basically in our back yard and people travel from across the globe to see it.




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