Fandoms of the Summer #5FF

The last time I wrote something for #5FandomFriday was November of last year! I think it’s time to pick it back up. There are no prompts at the moment but I wanted to reflect on some of the great media content I consumed over the past few months.

Orange is the New Black

Season 4 was unreal. Things in the prison got crazy, and we got some backstory of some beloved characters like Blanca, Suzanne, and Lolly. I can’t choose whose story was the most interesting or touching. I just love it all! I think I watched this whole season in two days. This show is literally a gift. The death at the end of the season was unexpected and heart-wrenching. I didn’t realize it would happen until it was happening. It’s – just – not – FAIR!! 

But on the bright side, this season gave back Nicky Nicholls.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is literally my favourite sitcom right now. I know season 3 aired much earlier but I live by Netflix schedules, okay? Also, this is what I’ve had on in the background while I doodle. Solid overarching story, character development, and Jake being a dumb puppy. I also enjoy that Jake and Amy finally get together, and Amy sets an example of how to communicate to your partner that they are being an asshole.

Also after thinking I was an Amy for a very long time (with a touch of Gina), I realized I have been thinking with a gender bias and I am 100% Charles Boyle.

American Horror Story

Specifically, Coven. Summer used to be about True Blood for me and I was feeling nostalgic for something southern, magical, and kinda witchy. In comes AHS: Coven to fill this void in my soul. I really enjoy the different stories they tell but Coven was really enthralling for me. From what people tell me, you’ll either love it or hate it. I loved it. Jessica Lange is a BOSS.

Also Stevie Nicks was there!

How to Get Away With Murder

Honestly, I had another show listed here but I recently became hooked on this show. I finished season one in no time and I’m on season two. Viola Davis is a gift, tbh. I love the mix of courtroom drama and mystery. Plus the cast is way more diverse than I’m used to seeing. Take a look at the above photo. More than half the characters are black! And Laurel is Spanish and was dating a brown guy for a time. And Conner is gay. His boyfriend is east Asian. I just really like the diverse casting in this show. It doesn’t feel forced, I dig it a lot.

Plus, I love looking at Alfred Enoch thinking “it’s little Dean Thomas!”

You grew up super hot, little Dean. Well done.

Stranger Things

As if you didn’t see this coming. I have been obsessed with this show! It feels like a Stephen King novel come to life. There’s all sorts of 80s nostalgia, including my favourite movie as a kid: The Goonies. Dustin is literally a combination of Mouth and Chunk. Aside from Eleven who is everyone’s favourite, I really love Nancy. (I did an Everyday Cosplay of her!) I have complicated feelings towards Steve. Basically he’s an asshole but not as big of an asshole as he could have been. I hope in season two that he and Nancy are over, but he’s still very much a part of Team Monster Hunters.

Plus we can’t forget about Barb. The sweet cinnamon roll, the true star of the show.


4 comments on “Fandoms of the Summer #5FF

  1. How To Get Away With Murder is one of my all time favorite TV shows.


  2. Katie says:

    What about Barb!! Oh Barb, how could they forget you. I was yelling that pretty much throughout the show. Loved Stranger Things – got the soundtrack to keep me compant on the way to work. I’m mega behind in Brooklyn Nine Nine, going blitz the whole season 3 when I get the DVD. I;m so glad that you love Coven – its great! Also its a welcome break from the gorier seasons. Love them witches!


    • Nikita says:

      Nancy is the only one who cared to look for her! Not even Barb’s mom! What the hell!! I demand justice for Barb in season 2. Season 4 of B99 just started, I’m trying not to look at the gifs on tumblr. I loved season 3 though, so great. And yes!! Some scenes in Coven made me squeamish like in the first episode when Kathy Bates put the bull head on that guy. Yikes. I’m told I need to watch Hotel immediately!


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