About Nikita

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Hello, I’m an introverted millennial with no money or prospects. Truly a unique individual.

I have an English degree that’s written in Latin. So I’m really just assuming they gave me a degree, it could actually be a $30,000 recipe for frog leg soup. I went on to study publishing because I like books and reading and it turns out I’m a really good editor.

More recently I’ve just been trying to do things that make me feel happy and fulfilled. Usually it’s artsy stuff like making web videos (not the dirty kind, perv), drawing, writing, crafting, etc. I love watching shows and movies, so you can often find me in a blanket burrito in front of Netflix.

Getting to know myself as an adult has been really enlightening. For example, did you know pizza gives me gas? I didn’t either, until this year. I often turn to writing when I want to figure things out, so you may end up learning about me as I learn about myself. What a ride. I probably won’t write about my gas though. Gross.


One comment on “About Nikita

  1. Jessica says:

    Haha – pizza gives me indigestion, though it may be just pepperoni. 😀


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