MAC X Star Trek Collection

This year marked the release of the newest Star Trek film as well as the franchise’s 50th anniversary. What a perfect time to release a Star Trek-themed makeup collection! While I don’t have the funds to buy the collection nor the influence to get free samples, I can still talk at length about it!

MAC’s hella sparkly collection consists of a lot of vibrant golds, pinks, purples, blues, and greens. You can create some really cool spacey-wacey looks, as they’ve demonstrated on their website, or you can use the colour scheme in your everyday looks. The collection is quite vast, so I’ll only be focusing on some select items but you can check out the full collection on the MAC website.

Trip The Light Fantastic Powders, $39.50 CAD

From left to right: Luna Luster, Strange New Worlds, Highly Illogical

These beautiful pearly powders have a wide range of uses for a number of different skin tones. They could be used as a sparkly powder, highlighter, or bronzer. I would personally use Highly Illogical to highlight tf out of my cheekbones. Here is a swatch on light skin from Revelist, and here is a swatch on dark skin from Fancieland.

Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow, $27.50 CAD

Photo: ommorphia beauty bar

Photo: ommorphia beauty bar

From left to right: To Boldly Go, Midnight, Bird of Prey, The Naked Time

I think a lot of the promo photos of this collection is a little over-saturated. This photo from Ommorphia Beauty Bar seems to be one of the more accurate photos of all four colours. These pigments are really beautiful and work really well with one another. I think these colours would work really well on dark skin as well as light, especially when applied wet.

Lipstick, $22.50 CAD

From left to right: The Enemy Within, LLAP, Klingiton, Where No Man Has Gone Before

I’m kind of in love with The Enemy Within. Fancieland’s swatch shows how beautifully vibrant it is on her skin and I just want to be a golden goddess. (She also swatched the lip glosses which I won’t be talking about here because I’m not really a gloss girl.) All four shades seem extremely flattering with glints of sparkle. LLAP is also a beautiful champagne-coloured shimmer that would complement most skin tones.

Nail Lacquer, $16.50 CAD

From left to right: Skin of Evil, Holladeck, Enterprise

My experience with MAC nail lacquers has been very positive. Quick drying, very opaque (often only  needing one coat), and long-lasting. I would love to add a few more MAC colours to my nail collection. Holladeck and Enterprise seem to be very shimmery opaque metallics, whereas Skin of Evil is an olive-coloured chunky glitter that can be worn alone or over top another colour. (Skin of Evil on top of Holladeck would give some serious Loki vibes but woops, wrong fandom!)

Will you be picking up anything from this collection? What’s your favourite?